Augustin's Bar in Jagna, Bohol

A simple place in a complex neighborhood.


Christmas Lechon – Jagna, Bohol, Philippines

Another holiday means another holiday dinner here in Jagna, Bohol. We were thinking of how we would top Augustin’s Bar’s last holiday dinner when we had a brain blast. Lechon! For those who may not know, Lechon is a popular Filipino dish comprised of roasted pork. So we, with the help of Jesse (Paseo Del Mar),…

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Cabagnow Cave Pool – Anda, Bohol, Philippines [Video]

The Augustin’s Bar crew and company visit the Cabagnow Cave Pool in Anda, Bohol, Philippines. What an excellent adventure! Jesse (Paseo Del Mar owner) was nice enough to take us to Anda, Bohol for a day. The travelers and backpackers who went with us said it was the highlight of their trip in the Philippines….

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Snorkeling at Drift Divers – Jagna, Bohol [Video]

After spending all afternoon working on the landscaping at Augustin’s we decided to do a little snorkeling at Drift Divers (connected to Paseo Del Mar). Just off the coast of Jagna, Bohol is a huge double coral reef with lots of ocean life. We spent a few hours snorkeling in the sea only to be stopped…

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Thanksgiving in Jagna, Bohol [Video]

We had the pleasure of introducing Thanksgiving to some of our friends and travelers here in Jagna, Bohol. They were ignorant of the holiday traditions so we told them: Eat ’til you drop! And so we did with our impromptu five chickens instead of a turkey and most of the standard fixings courtesy of Rosie…

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From There to Here

My contract in South Korea had come to an end and it was time for me to make a decision. I could stay, get another job teaching English and continue my comfortable existence or I could take a risk, go to the Philippines, and try to start a bar for travelers in Bohol with my friend…

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Moving to Jagna, Bohol.

I decided to act on an opportunity to open a bar/restaurant for travelers in the Philippines. It will be a lot of work to get properly open but I think I can make a terrific haven for travelers in the Philippines, especially backpackers in Bohol and people traveling to Mindanao and Camiguin Island. Travelers also…

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