Augustin's Bar in Jagna, Bohol

A simple place in a complex neighborhood.

Kittens! Puppies!

Say hello to the new team members at Augustin’s Bar!  We know you’re coming to Jagna, Bohol for the diving, backpacking, cave exploring, beach lounging, and the chocolate hills, but we know this is what you really want. These two stray kittens walked into Paseo Del Mar one day and never left. Jesse (owner of…

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Rosie’s Unintentional Petting Zoo

So my first few weeks proved to be rather interesting.  Having never lived next to the jungle, as I do in Jagna, Bohol, I was curious as to see what kind of wildlife I and other travelers in the Philippines would encounter while living here.  First couple of days were uneventful, until I came home…

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