Augustin's Bar in Jagna, Bohol

A simple place in a complex neighborhood.


About Us

Wondering who the people behing Augustin’s Bar in Jagna, Bohol are? Well, we are three high school friends who committed to all the crazy ideas about traveling we thought up at that age. It has led us to travel to many corners of the earth and now we find ourselves in the Philippines!

Eric “Rosie” Rosenblad out behind Augustin’s Bar in Jagna, Bohol.

This is the man with the plan. Born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, Rosie decided he wanted to experience more of the world and became an English teacher in South Korea. It was there that he befriended Earl Noble whose family just so happened to be from the Philippines. In a dimly lit bar, over more than a few pints of beer, Rosie and Earl concocted a plan for Rosie to open the first foreigner owned bar in Jagna, Bohol and the rest is history.  An accountant by trade and being the most personable of the bunch, Rosie deals mostly with the finances and workers of Augustin’s Bar. Oh, and he’s also the chef.

Theo See putting on a smile for the camera in Augustin’s Bar.

The face behind the camera, Theo was born in Thailand and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. An avid traveler since his teenage years, Theo is usually the person who pulls the group into going on wacky adventures. He spends most of his time behind a computer screen, so naturally he was assigned the task of maintaining Augustin’s Bar’s online presence by writing and editing videos about the bar in Jagna, Bohol. He is not used to writing about himself in third person and finds it quite awkward, yet he here is doing it.

Joe “Billy, CB McGee, Home Depot, etc” Hagen leaning on an outhouse in Jagna, Bohol.

The man, the myth, the mammoth. No, he is not known as “the mammoth”, at least not yet. Born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, Joe has more nicknames than can be counted and the origins of most have been lost to history. After being stuck stateside finishing up his degree in public administration, he decided to get back to his traveling roots by joining us in Jagna, Bohol. Being a life long pool boy and a constant gardener, Joe is the perfect man to fix up the property around Augustin’s Bar.