Augustin's Bar in Jagna, Bohol

A simple place in a complex neighborhood.


Our Favourites

We like lots of places in the Philippines and here are some places you should visit:


Paseo del Mar (It’s across the street!)

These people take care of the divers who come out to Jagna to explore it’s intriguing double reef and the giant fifteen foot hunk of black coral. Jesse runs the place and takes care of the divers and gives good advice to travelers in the Philippines. ¬†Paseo also has several lodging options, including private rooms¬†and a backpacker’s dorm.


Mike Monigold

Time Out Cebu Sports Bar

One of the oldest expat-run bars in Cebu, Mike Monigold will make you feel welcome and give you some tips on where to go in your travels. Mike has assisted lots of travelers in Cebu and people backpacking in the Philippines.


April Rama and Chef Lor Torres run the Isidra Comfort Cantina in Cebu, a restaurant that makes Philippine comfort food with proper techniques. The technique unlocks all of the great flavors in local food and presents traditional Philippine food done proper. Do check them out if you are in Cebu.